Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Day of the Bolivian Farmer

Today is the day that indigenous farming communities honor the role they played -- and play -- in the development of the country. From the War of Independence, to the Agrarian Reform, to the establishment of the first indigenous school of Warisata, to the foundation of the College in Carmen Pampa, farmers come from all around the area came to Carmen Pampa to remember the sacrifices they make for a better life for their children and their communities.

And it centers on education. Students recite poems to the campesino and to the indigenous leaders who helped them win freedoms. Whole communities parade with the Bolivian and the Indigenous Nation flag, the wiphala. Whole classes at the school organize dances that remember Bolivia's history and native customs.

Our students, products of this evolution toward ever more justice and equality, particiate with pride.

It is an amazing day.

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